Interior Design Trends 2021

By: Natalie Lewin

Interior Design Trends 2021

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Ah, what a year! As we move into 2021 with a fresh perspective and lots of hope, many of us are ready
to tackle some interior design projects. A new living space can breathe so much energy into our lives,
whether we’re designing for ourselves or getting ready to sell our home.

Keeping up with trends not only allows your home to look its best, it also helps when you’re looking to
sell. Buyers are attracted to homes that have up-to-date styles and a look that inspires them to think,
“Hey, I could live here!”

2021 is a year of new beginnings, and here is some of the top trends:

1. Granny chic

Yes, you read that right! Vintage is coming back with a vengeance and there’s a new style that takes the
70s and brings it into this century. Rattan furniture, for one, is no longer for your grandma’s porch.
Seating, sideboards, and tables are all making a huge comeback. Dried pompas grass make for nice
accents along with pleated shades, tans and whites, and vintage finds.

2. Plants

Maybe due to the pandemic, or maybe because plants never go out of style – either way, plants are in
for 2021. They match any color scheme but go really well as a pop of color amongst a neutral or crisp
white walls. Not only that, but they make the room feel alive and airy. Grab a few easy to care for
plants, such as pothos or succulents, and enjoy the pop of nature.

3. Nordic minimalism

Less is still more in 2021, and minimalism is still very trendy. But, now with a Nordic twist, expect to see
whites with pops of natural woods, materials, and sustainable materials. Dark lines, such as black frames
and accent pieces tie the room together to keep it warm feeling even with all of the white.

4. Home office spaces with intention

Before 2020, home offices were something that were often looked over. As we move into 2021, a home
office can no longer be an afterthought. With more people working from home not just now, but likely
in the future, a nicely styled home office is going to be a huge selling point for homes.

5. Pops of bold color

Whether it’s a wall, a velvet chair, a crazy rug or an abstract piece of art, it’s safe to say that people want
to see bold color choices. Gone are the days where everything must match perfectly. If you find a piece
of furniture totally outside of your color scheme, such as a forest green chair, go for it. When done right,
color can bring excitement into any room.

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