Single Ladies: How to Put an Offer on Your First Toronto Property

By: Natalie Lewin

Single Ladies: How to Put an Offer on Your First Toronto Property

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Single women want a key—not a ring! 

Single female home ownership is on the rise, making them the second largest home buying demographic in Canada, after married couples. 50 years ago, it would have been almost impossible for a woman to qualify for a mortgage without a male co-signer, but today single women account for almost 20% of home purchases and 30% of condo purchases (single men only make up nine per cent of property buyers), and that number is only continuing to grow!


I Dream it, I Work Hard, I Grind ‘til I Own it

While having two incomes can make buying real estate easier (and less intimidating), don’t let the fear of purchasing a home on a single income hold you back from achieving your property dreams. In fact, despite making on average, 75 cents for every dollar earned by their male coworkers, single women are outpacing their male counterparts in purchasing homes! 

Are you hoping to jump into the GTA real estate solo this year? Here are three tips to help make your purchase go smoothly: 


Okay, Ladies Now Let’s Get (Your Finances) in Formation  

Buying a home in the GTA on one income can be challenging. That single income will need to cover qualifying for a mortgage, making a down payment, monthly mortgage payments and all maintenance costs. Talk about anxiety! The most important thing you can do as a single female buyer is save for a decent down payment (A 20% down payment is your best bet to securing a loan), beef up your emergency funds, and work to improve your credit score so you’ll be a responsible client to potential lenders. Having your finances, emergency funds, and pre-approval ready to go before hitting your first viewing will help you compete with bids from dual-income households. 


Crazy In Love (With Your Neighbourhood)

One of the best parts of starting a home search solo is that when it comes to neighbourhood, home size, and amenities, you get to call all the shots! For many single female buyers, the main focus is often on location, amenities, and security. In fact, many solo female buyers are often willing to compromise on home size if it means getting to live in a better neighbourhood. Security is also an important factor—single women prefer apartments on a second floor, condo buildings with a concierge, and homes that have front doors that can be seen from the street. Working with a Realtor who is knowledgeable of the best Toronto neighbourhoods can ensure your lifestyle and security needs are looked after. 


Diamonds Realtors Are a Woman’s Best Friend  

Buying a home is a stressful and emotional process, and it’s important to have a Realtor by your side that you feel comfortable asking questions and help. Feeling nervous or intimidated to ask questions isn’t the best way to go through the home buying process! As a Toronto Realtor who specializes in helping single female buyers, I not only know you’ll lean on me harder than if you were going in with a partner—I welcome it! 

I work tirelessly to match my buyers to the perfect Toronto neighbourhood and home and promise to help you safely navigate this new virtual process. If you're considering purchasing a property in Toronto during the pandemic, please reach out to me today. I'm always happy to answer your questions. Call 416-903-7653 or email