The Toronto Housing Market Is Hot... Should You Jump In?

By: Natalie Lewin

The Toronto Housing Market Is Hot... Should You Jump In?

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Summer is a perfect time for many things in the city: Taking the ferry to Toronto
Islands, sunbathing at Sugar Beach Park, and strolling the Distillery Sunday market.
But summer in Toronto also offers a perfect window of opportunity for something
even more exciting: selling your home! Knowing the best time to enter the market will
help you sell your home faster and for a higher asking price. Here are 5 sure signs
that now’s the time to sell:

The Market Conditions are Right

May was a strong month for home sales in the GTA with a recorded 9,989 sales, up
18.9% from the same month last year. While spring is typically a great time to put
your home on the market, it isn’t the only season you can get the most bang for your
buck. If you didn’t list your home in the spring, not to worry! The GTA market remains
a strong seller’s market this month and is full of buyers waiting to make you an offer.


You’re in a Financial Position to Trade Up

Are you wanting to purchase a larger home or move to a better school district or
neighbourhood? If your home’s sales price would be enough to pay off your
mortgage and selling costs, it may be a good time to put your home on the market.
Scaling up to a dream property is easily accomplished with a good realtor whose
negotiations skills and experience can help you find a motivated seller in your target


Your Home Doesn’t Fit Your Needs

If your home and neighborhood no longer fit your needs, the time is probably right to
sell and find a location that’s better for your lifestyle. Whether you’re nearing
retirement or have a baby on the way, don’t delay preparing your home for sale as
repairs and improvements often take longer than expected. Canadian empty-nesters
often wait until their health declines or the upkeep of their house becomes
overwhelming before they consider downsizing. Once you’ve decided you want to
move, don’t delay! Finding a house that meets your needs later in life is far easier
when you have your health and the energy to make the move.


You Have Time to Make the Move

Summer is a great time to move because the kids are out of school and you may
have a break from work to pack your things and organize your move. While timing
your sale should take market conditions and seasonality into consideration, selling
on your schedule should be your top priority.


You’ve Found the Right Realtor

Did you know 49% of Toronto real estate agents have done 1 or zero transactions in
the last year? Not all realtors have the same experience negotiating the best price
for your property or can provide a strong marketing strategy to get your home off the
market. Many agents have little experience or are working part-time as realtors and
choosing the wrong one could cost you thousands.

Working with my team ensures that every little detail of the selling plan is under
control so you relax and look forward to the next chapter that’s coming your way.
Selling doesn’t need to be stressful! If you’re ready to make your next move, I’m
ready to help. Contact me today at or 416. 903. 7653.